Becoming An ACE Personal Trainer

Becoming an ACE personal trainer is not difficult.  You can work in this field and start out by earning around $25 an hour if you work at a good health club.  In order to be an ACE personal trainer, however, you have to take the course and become certified through their council. 

ACE stands for American Council on Exercise.  This council is one of the most respected in the industry so becoming an ACE personal trainer makes sense if you are going to pursue this career path.  In order to be an ACE personal trainer, you need to get started with the course.  If you know something about fitness and exercise, you will find the course not difficult at all.  By taking the course online, you can then work at your own pace and keep the job that you currently have.

When you become an ACE personal trainer, you can look for work in health clubs in your area.  Because most health clubs offer their new members personal trainers for a week or so with a membership, you can expect your knowledge to be in demand. 

In order to be successful as an ACE personal trainer, you should definitely like to work with people.  Personal training is a service and people who work in the service industry are better off to be those who like to work with people and who can get along with people.  It may seem as if this is common for everyone, but there are some people who are just better off work with people than others.  If you have the gift for putting people at ease and talking to them and also are physically fit yourself, you should consider a career as an ACE personal trainer. 

In addition to learning how to use the machines and exercising, you will also learn how to safely exercise so that you can instruct your clients.  An ACE personal trainer is well versed with safety when using weights and equipment and can instruct his or her client in the right way to exercise.  Many people do not know the right way to use weights or how often.  They do not know how to exercise and may end up hurting their backs or other parts of the body.   This is one reason why they hire a personal trainer.

Another reason why people will be eager you to hire as an ACE personal trainer will be your motivational factor.  People want to hire someone who will get them to exercise on a regular basis.  People often have a hard time motivating themselves to exercise or work out but with a personal trainer, they have a reason to exercise.  It is unlikely that they will not exercise when they are paying for your services and if you are motivational to them as well as pleasant, they will look forward to your sessions.  And the more people look forward to your sessions, the more money you will make in this job.

Becoming an ACE personal trainer can be a rewarding career both financially as well as personally. 

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