Personal Trainer Certifications

What are personal trainer certifications?  They are an acknowledgment that you have completed courses in being a personal trainer and that you are now prepared to work in this industry.  There is no licensing mandate for personal trainers so personal trainer certifications allows the public as well as the employer to know that you indeed know what you are doing when it comes to fitness.  The more personal trainer certifications that you have from accredited institutes, the better off you are.

A personal trainer is one who helps others achieve a variety of different fitness goals.  This can mean helping them to lose weight, to gain muscle or to tone up their bodies.  There are some personal trainers who teach athletes how to prepare for a race.  Other personal trainers work with handicapped individuals or even the elderly.  There are many different levels when it comes to personal training and many different personal trainer certifications

The more personal trainer certifications that you have the more desirable you are as an employee for any health club.  Some health clubs adhere to different ideology of fitness.  If you have a personal trainer certification from an institute that does not teach their methods, you may find yourself passed over for a position in favor of someone else. 

Another reason to have more than one personal trainer certifications is that this field is ever growing.  There are always new machines being introduced on the market that make exercising easier for people.  There are also new exercise methods being taught all of the time.  The industry never stays stagnant and neither should you.  You should look to get as many personal trainer certifications as you can so that you can grow with the industry.  The more you learn, the more valued you will be as an employee.

If you can add that you have several personal trainer certifications after your name, you can have more of a chance of getting employed not only by a health club but also by an individual.  You can usually make quite a bit of money if you work for private individuals as a personal trainer.  Some personal trainers in this field make upwards from $250 an hour working for affluent clients.  You will see your clients several times a week and be their motivation for working out.  Many people like hiring a personal trainer because it not only motivates them to achieve their fitness goals, but also insures their safety.  As they are not working out alone, they have the knowledge that someone is watching out for them.  This is especially helpful if someone is older, disabled or is lifting free weights. 

Adding a bunch of personal trainer certifications to the end of your name gives you an edge over the competition in this field.  You should also be in good physical shape yourself and be a good conversationalist in order to do well in this field.  Having an interest in helping people as well as in physical fitness is essential to be successful as a personal trainer. 

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