How To Get A Good Personal Trainer Salary

You can get a good personal trainer salary if you are serious about your career, take the right courses and become certified in the field.  In order to be truly successful as a personal trainer, you should get a certification.  As a matter of fact, most health clubs, the ones that are truly reputable that is, will not hire you without some sort of certification.  Getting certified can add to your personal trainer salary and is not difficult.  You can simply take a personal trainer course, even online, and take the test.  It is simple and does not require extensive education.

As you continue your career as a personal trainer, you can increase your personal trainer salary by offering additional services to clients.  You can teach exercises for the health club and add to your personal trainer salary.  You can also offer private services for individuals who want you to come to their home.  Not everyone is comfortable with the health club environment, but that is no excuse not to exercise.

It is not all about exercise, being a personal trainer.  The more you know, the greater your personal trainer salary can be.  Once you have completed your easy personal trainer courses, you can then further your education so that you can teach people about nutrition and diet.  You may even be able to instruct them on vitamin usage.  Some vitamin companies will offer you a commission if you tout their products to your clients.  This can be an added bonus to your personal trainer salary.

The better you are at your job, the more money you can command.  If your services are well sought after, you can usually command a decent salary of about $100 and hour.  If you are fortunate to work for the affluent or celebrities, you can easily make $500 and hour.  Imagine making a personal trainer salary of $500 an hour just for helping someone work out and stay fit.  You are getting paid like a doctor with much less education. 

When you start out with your job at the health club, your personal trainer salary will probably be around $25 an hour.  This is a good start towards a rewarding career.  Naturally, the more the clients like you, the more in demand you will be, so it is important to appease the clients.  Be charming as well as very knowledgeable in your field and you will do well and should be able to earn a good personal trainer salary

You can get started right away in your career as a personal trainer by enrolling in a personal trainer course either online or at home.  The easiest way to do this is online as you can usually get the entire course in one package and, once you complete the course, you can take the test and receive your certification.  This will enable you to get a job at a health club and you will be on your way to making the personal trainer salary of your dreams.  

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